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All Elan yachts are built under the stringent criteria and supervision of Germanischer Lloyd –marine surveyors since 1866 and employing over 2000 staff Worldwide – they are Europe’s leading maritime safety certifiers.

The Elan racer/cruiser series are designed by Rob Humphreys whose design work includes Oyster, Southerly, BT Global Challenge, Kingfisher, GBR AC Challenge and many more. Rob’s principal criteria are on-water performance AND attractive lines in the classic racer/cruiser fashion – in other words it must be a good runner on the water but also look good in the bay. An Elan yacht evokes “pride of ownership”.

Elan build in a semi-custom way. The hulls and decks are constructed with vacuum infusion lamination giving a superior fibre to resin ratio that cannot be achieved with hand lamination. The hull to deck and hull to grid joints are bonded and taped with the hull to deck joint also bolted through. Vinylester resin is used in the outer layers below the waterline for long term osmosis protection. The interiors are handcrafted by quality tradesmen to give an understated elegance and durability.
Elan 340